By year-end – New restrooms and playground near Community Garden

This fall – one or two Red Trail Workdays, stay tuned!

  • November 3
       · Red trail workday to install new trail markers: 9 am – noon
       · NPWW sells sodas near Livsey soccer field: 8 am – 2 pm
  • November 17 
       · Bake sale to benefit Native Plant and Wildlife Walk: 8 am – 2 pm.
         Two locations: at the top of the stairs near the snack bar, and near the Livsey side
  • November 22   
       · Walk off all that turkey! Hike Henderson Park
  • November 27   
       · Giving Tuesday! Support your park and Donate Now.
       · And join the Native Plant and Wildlife Walk workday: 9 am – noon. Meet at the Community Garden parking lot.
  • December 11   
       · Help Tucker create a top-notch park system. Come to the final public forum to complete the Parks and Rec master plan; Tucker Recreation Center, 7 - 9 pm. For details on the plan CLICK HERE.
  • January 21   
       · Martin Luther King Jr. workday: 9 am – noon, details to follow


See also our Facebook Page or the City of Tucker community calendar for events at other Tucker parks.


For a long time, Henderson Park visitors have asked for more restrooms and play equipment. Very soon, construction will begin near the Community Garden and Native Plant and Wildlife Walk. Keep an eye out for the marked-off areas and watch the progress. Once construction begins, you’ll be amazed how fast the new amenities will happen.

Thanks to the DeKalb County voters who created the greenspace bond program several years ago. 


There’s just one more improvement to be made to the White Trail, a flight of stairs for the steep section overlooking Lake Erin. This last project will complete the design funded by our Park Pride grant. It should be completed this summer. 

(Late October 2017 Update)

JOC Construction has been making progress on the new bridges being constructed over the main creek crossings you encounter on the White Trail. At the main creek crossing at the upper end of Lake Erin, a permanent bridge is under construction and stairs have been added to get hikers up the hill from the creek to continue along the White trail towards the dam. No more traversing the tree root "stairs". This bridge isn't completed yet, so please be careful when crossing the creek as handrails have not yet been installed.  Also the bridge at the White/Red Trail intersection and the small creek crossing near the playground are essentially finished, but please be careful on these new additions as we all get used to more traditional ways of getting around Henderson Park.

(Early October 2017 Update)

Thanks to the help of some great volunteers that came out for our White Trail workday on September 23rd, the Friends of Henderson Park group is happy to announce that we have finished relocating the white trail as it winds around the southern side of Lake Erin. Please hike up the wooden steps to the new trail as you hike away from the lake and dam. The old trail is now CLOSED so that mother nature can revegetate and heal this part of the hill side. The brush that was cleared from the new trail was placed along the old trail section to "close" it and prevent further erosion and degradation to the park. We ask that you leave the brush in place and please use the new trail!

Construction has also started on bridges over the three creeks that flow into Lake Erin. JOC Construction Company has begun working on the first planned bridge. This bridge will be added for visitors to cross the small creek from the white trail back to the playground and lake area inside the park. (On the Livsey Rd. side) There will be a lot of chain saw noise off and on now for the next few weeks.

The bridges will greatly improve these White Trail creek crossings for all those who utilize the hiking trails in the park.  These improvements are being made to the park thanks to a generous grant from The Home Depot Foundation through Park Pride and generous park bond monies matched from DeKalb County District 1 Commissioner Jester.

Please be on the lookout as we plan to hold a few more trail workdays throughout Fall 2017.

Happy Trails!

Redesign and Improvement of the Hiking Trails in Henderson Park

The Friends of Henderson Park (FoHP) group is proud to announce that we have secured a Park Pride Community Building Grant and matching funds from DeKalb County to upgrade and (re)design the hiking trail system inside the park, add improved signage, and install pet waste stations.  Three cheers to all the FoHP volunteers and staff from Park Pride and DeKalb County that were involved with fine tuning all the details of the grant proposals! Thanks also goes out to the Home Depot Foundation which provided funding for the Park Pride Community Building Grant.

The trail (re)design will update the existing system of paths that crisscross the Henderson forest using modern trail design criteria, and where necessary, will shift trails to more sustainable alignments. The new design will provide proper erosion control measures to ensure Henderson Park will have trails that last for the enjoyment of future generations!  Once the (re)design has been established, contractors will initiate trail (re)construction on the White Trail, which is the trail that loops around the lake.   FoHP will work to install updated signage at trailheads and at trail intersections.  Pet waste stations will be installed so that our dog walking friends will be encouraged to pick up and pack out their dog's droppings.

FoHP volunteers plan to have a community meeting in the late Summer of 2017 to share the trail (re)design with friends, neighbors, and other interested stakeholders.  We want YOU to be involved in this project in any way you can be, and this will be a way to get interested folks engaged!  Please check back regularly for updates here on our website, on our Facebook Page, or in our e-newsletters.

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