50+ Walks
50+ Walks is a new walking group in Tucker for people 50 and older.  Organized by PEDS, a non-profit advocacy group that promotes a safe walking environment, and funded by a grant from Kaiser Permanente, 50+ Walks encourages people who enjoy walking and would like to walk more, but don’t know how to get started!  They hold weekly walks in different areas of Tucker, geared toward people who are over 50. They focus on building community, safety for walkers, and exploring Tucker in new ways. All abilities are encouraged and welcome - the group always sticks together.

They’re currently leading walks each Wednesday morning, Thursday evening, and Saturday morning.  Routes vary each week to make it more interesting.  Days and times may change with the season. Connect with them to improve your health the easy way and meet like-minded people who also want to walk: Like them on Facebook @ 50+ Walks to get announcements of future walks and see photographs from some recent walks, or email kemberli@peds.org to get weekly updates about upcoming walks.

Native Plant and Wildlife Walk
The Native Plant and Wildlife Walk project started in 2012 with a Park Pride grant to support the project in partnership with FoHP and DeKalb Master Gardeners under the leadership of Deborah Ashley.  The main objective is to remove invasive plants and restore native plants.  So far over 150+ native plants have been planted along the walk.  Plants have been noted as natives throughout the park by these master gardener volunteers.  And, they have personally provided native plants to the project.  Plants are identified along the walkway and future kiosk signs will be added next spring for education purposes representing the native plants and wildlife for this area.

Native Plant & Wildlife Trail at Henderson Park